Business trips

We strive to measure up to the tasks entrusted to us by supplying a complete range of travel services (flights, hotels, car hire) which meet the customer’s expectations both from the point of view of organisation and of saving.

Good management of business trips requires the optimisation of costs without having to give up the idea of quality, comfort and service.

Technology has considerably changed the travel agent’s task, making them real consultants able to study and offer the best solutions available.

Identifying a company’s needs, assessing the data inherent to travel expenses, suggesting the potential saving and how to obtain it: these are the cornerstones of our activity.

We support our customers in the search for the best negotiation with the various suppliers of services (airlines, hotels, car hire companies, insurance companies), we study the most suitable travel policy for the company’s needs and we optimise the processes, with the assistance of the account manager, the person in our company who is able to supply products with high added value and adapted to the customer’s requirements with a tailor-made cut.